On August 31, 2020, we call the phone number listed and it belongs to someone else.

The website is still up, but it does not give details.

If you want to apply, there doesn’t seem to be an application online.

Our suggestion is that you email them and see if you get a response.


The Pet Food Stamp program was created to help food stamp recipients and low income individuals who are having difficulty feeding their pets, receive free food. We believe if you are having financial difficulties, you should not have to choose between feeding your family or your pet.

If you are on Food Stamps, in a low income bracket and have a pet and would like to apply for Pet Food Stamps. please visit : www.PetFoodStamps.org; email info@petfoodstamps.org; call 718.915.4532

7 responses to “Pet Food Stamp Program”

  1. Jill Taylor says:

    Please tell me How do I get help to feed my Dog.

  2. Wanda Jennings says:

    I am disable. And i have 6 dogs. Two adults and four puppies. The puppies are 9 to 10 weeks old. I recently had surgery on my right foot. They cut half of my foot off. So its kind of hard for me to get around. My son help me out with taken care of them. I gets a disability check once a month. And my check covers all my bills. I get $22 dollars in food stamps. When i get done with all of that im broke. And i cant dont nothing for my dogs. I have to call somebody to go buy them some dog food. My sons like i said he helps me out. But its only so much he can do. He has his own bills to take care of. Three of the puppies i have are going to happy homes. Im keeping the mama and the daddy. And one of the puppies. The other 3 have good homes to go to. But I will still have a issue trying to get food for them . But I know god will make a way. Thank you. And God Bless You.

    • I’m sorry you are having such health issues. You should go onto the pet food stamp site to see how they can help.
      In addition, with your challenges right now, you should consider finding a low-cost spay and neuter clinic for the dogs.

  3. Cyanne says:

    Wow I thought what a wonderful thing! A way for the low income to get assistance feeding their animals, which are members of their family that don’t qualify for public assistance. When I went to check out the sight, I was disappointed to learn that they had discontinued the program.

    I know for a fact that there is tons and tons of animal food disposed of by pet stores, that contributes to our already overflowing land fills, while animals needlessly go hungry! This consists of torn bags, dented cans, discontinued products, etc. Why on earth don’t they donate them to animal shelters and low income families?

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