Octora Enda Sari Ginting


Hello , I am Octora Enda Sari Ginting one of Orangutan scholarship recipients from Faculty of Veterinary Unsyiah . This is my second article . This time I want to share my experience during semester 4 and 5 . In semester 4, i could take the classes well and thank God I got a good grade point anyway . Then I decided to take the short semester so I can relax a little bit in semester 5. Short Semester held in July to coincide with the fasting month for Muslims. The hot weather and the absence of  food outlets didn’t make me and friends discouraged in following lectures which run very fast. Because the subjects that should be studied in one semester in the short term only studied in one month . And thank God that I can score pretty well too . Well, during  semester 4 to short term semester ongoing I also become community organizers in the event academy for new students who will soon be a part of  FKH Unsyiah family. That activity could we run well and do not inhibit us in the learning process.

After a short half finished, semester vacation begins and I went back to my city, Medan.. In Medan I went to the zoo with my friend. Medan Zoo quite wide, but animals that exist in the less variant. There more species poultries than the others, i also see some kinds of primate, tiger, deer, crocodile and others.But I do not see orangutans there. The animals there was more silence, probably because their facilities for activities is not enough. And sadly I also saw some monkeys are kept in cramped cages and lots of garbage under their cage, the monkey was definitely having stress. In addition to the zoo a lot of places I lived while in Medan

After the holidays, I had back to banda aceh. I can follow the lectures as well, until the final exams of the semester I have been going through a few days ago. Now I’m waiting for all the value, I hope I can improve my grade again. During the time I like to see and signed petition- petition on change.org web. Because I was not able to do much to help changing world and this is the beginning of my small contribution. I am not just signing a petition about orangutans but about a lot of things that I think are important.

Well, during the Christmas holidays I also returned to Medan and celebrate Christmas with my family there, it’s very nice celebrate chrismast together with our family. But in the new year night, I celebrate with my friends in Banda Aceh due to schedule test that not yet finished. That’s all the story about my experience this time around, I hope you guys like it. See you later and thanks.

#VivaVeteriner #TogetherWeCanSaveOrangutan

STIK Pante Kulu Misdi – Academic Activity Report

STIK Pante Kulu Misdi Academic Activity Report

Misdi1On July 2009, i got the information about the existence of STI-Kehutanan inBanda Aceh, which could be achieved by bus approximately 1 day and 1 night.

In the beginning of September, i registered as a student there with the total about 115 registrant. After the administration and all of the requirement has been filled, the test continued to oral and written test. I was really grateful since i, a downtown boy, could achieved top ten. After the passing test announcement, then i followed the student orientation after.

I started to wonder why the student who registered to follow the students orientation were only 50 people, where was the rest?

Misdi2As the orientation proceed, the campus introduction and the senior were terrified me. In the orientation, we were given the explanation, guidance and made our mental to be ready become a forester. More importantly, the coorporation and solidarity which have to be have for a forester. More over, to show our solidarity we had to feed our friend with the food that we had chewed before whereas they also did the same to us. Based on that, i realized that a forest student and a field person was really me which nout really in touch with mode. All of the orientation has passed and our solidarity among the students were solid as well after.

After the end of the orientation program, i felt a bit sad since our total became less and less. The batch 2009 who deserved to get the orientation sertificate were 50 people.

The teaching-Learning process began after, i was really pround of my self because a downtown boy like me could be study as well with others. Surprisingly, all of the student were announced passing the orientation program but the total of students who attended were only 40 students.

In the next meeting, i was elected as the chairperson. I felt glad since i could be closer with them all.

After the first semester was proceed and all of students were expected to know their GPA. I was really glad i could get 3,58 GPA. On the semester break i went back to my beloved home town Ketambe to spend my holiday there.

After the semester break ended, i went back to Banda Aceh to continue my study, more suprisingly in 2nd semester the student were getting less and the total of active student were only around 30 students. The new students, our junior batch 2010were registered them self and the total of the active student were only around 30 students, then batch 2011 were only 20 people, batch 2012 were around 25 and batch 2013 were only 15 people. I did not know what was wrong with campus or probably there were lack of students who have interest of studying forest.

I realized that educational sector at protection and of forest area and animal were not interest many people. Probably because of the lack of job vacancy so many people were worried bout its future. Or probably because of the particular point of view that  forest is dirty and also coming to a forest is complicated or what so ever.

On the contrary we realized that forest plays an important role not only to our life but also to our invironment. It was an unfotunate that not many people had this attention and wanted to study about it more. It is a generally known that Aceh has an amazing and great forest. Again, it was unfortunate that in other field approximately hundred thousand of students wanted to study medication, education and etc  meanwhile forest has only been interested by some students only.

It is obvious that the future of our forest is an issue that many people has to concern about.

Without the forest, the animal will be dissapear as well.


Laporan Mifahul Jannah – Academic Activities Update



MifahulJannah2My activities during the semester 3 in which Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Unsyiah is almost finished so is exhausting, from morning to evening we set just arrived back home.

8 hours is an effective time to learn, but for college students it’s not. Nevertheless, during the first semester (6 months) I was over to the campus is less than 8 hours, approximately 7:45 to arrive on campus. This semester is very much different from the previous semester credits which I take to grow and LAB also increased with all the very strict regulations.
Full class schedule, starting from Monday to Sunday, day of the week even though the activity is not justified for college but due to insufficient time forced us any day of the week was confiscated.

In semester 3, I along with my friends often organize study groups or discussion. And it gives a good impact for us all, the proof test comes when we are all ready to follow smoothly and well.

Each entry LAB we are always charged with both reports and interim reports and a final report are the observations after after attending practicum.
It’stiringbutitallwhenIlivedwithall my heartit would seemunremarkable, hopefullythisstruggleis notin vain. AMINN, …

OIC is the only institution where I shelter during this study, scholarship tuition OIC greatly helped me. Acknowledgements I always hanturkan to the OIC and OIC may still prevail and always reliable.

Here’s my class schedule for the semester at the College of Veterinary Medicine 3 Unsyiah.

  1. Monday
    hours 12:00-13:30 Epidemiologi

hours 17:00-18:00      Practice Anatomi

  1. Tuesday

hours  08:00-09:45     Anatomi II

hours 12:00-13:00      Respon Histo

hours 15:00-16:00      Respon Anatomi

  1. Wednesday

hours 08:00-09:45      Fisiologi II

hours 12:00-18:00      Practice Fisiologi (Sistem Rolling)

  1. Thursday

hours 08:00-09:45      Biokimia II

hours 15:00-16:00      Laboratorium Mikrobiologi I

  1. Friday

hours 08:00-09:45      Mikrobiologi I

hours 10:00-11:45      Bioteknologi Vet

hours 16:00-17:45      Histologi

  1. Saturday

hours 16:30-18:00      Laboratorium Histologi

  1. Sunday

hours 08:30-09:30      Laboratorium Biokimia II

To achieve the degree Veterinarian (DVM) is not easy, requires struggle and sacrifice extraordinary. Hopefully all achieved quickly and perfectly….

My academic activity during the campus, along with the following photo of my practicum.

  1. Praktikum Fisiologi

Menghitung Berat Jenis Urine Katak (Rana esculenta) dan Uji Galli Mainin




EenMaulidia1Hello, I’m Een Maulidia Rahman grantee OIC 2013 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, see you again with my second academic reports. To report this time around maybe I will tell you about my experience while undergoing a day of activity day beloved in campus. I think semester 5 is semester very unusual where i started to feel how actually become a vet, but the more stepped to semester next felt heavy and there were times when feel saturated and bored. It was not just me who felt but the dominant of teman- friend also feel the same. Need struggle and strong determination to move on.

EEnMaulidia4So far i have reached 88 sks, in append with 22 sks semester to 5. To college course this semester. I took a course called Science Surgical Veteriner, Pharmacology Veteriner II, Disease Parasitik, Technology Reproduction, Pathology Clinic Veteriner, Immunologist Veteriner, Epidemiology and Economic Veteriner, Appreciation Profession Veteriner and Entrepreneurship and Basic Biotechnology. Final exam to be implemented December 21 2013 – January 8 2014. Of all college course right can ‘ t guess the result. All college course his utmost  very extreme moreover lecturer taught me. During semester 5 teach us in many ways namely:  a) how to sew on when the dissection; b) pattern what to chosen on cases, cases certain operations; c) what kind of thread;  d) how to handling in cases of fracture; e) how measure  blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol; f) how IB; g)  sinkronisai estrus; h) super ovulation; i) and Embrio transfer, Invitro Fertilisation and many more others.

eenMaulidia6The organizational problems during the first semester this i less active participate because of a division of time between the meeting, and college,  actually it is the risk, have to be in the but is the problem for college course, no particular can be left a single session behind will be difficult to understand for a session studies next. Sampe how complex this semester. But this semester i am glad to can it and something new, i escaped selection to join in an organization public socialization the level of university, where there are many programs there go green, namely: the socialization of natural disasters, devotion society,  guided village, blood donation, and lain- other. The dominant of FKH, thank god its members our hope in the program of this organization in addition to introduce fkh to society that still very naive about fkh, well as also introduced about conservation wildlife to villagers or society and friend, friend of the faculty of another  to conservation fauna.

A holiday the end of this time i ‘ ve been a lot of consultation with the lecturer guardian about research, good vacation is getting pencerahannya. To melanjut right semenster 6 and then also i challenged with in a course called the science of diseases in small animals, infectious disease, the science of surgical veteriner specifically, the science of obstetrics and kemajiran, ethics veteriner and animal welfare, and toxicology veteriner. According to a report academic i beg you for much of the deficiency and a mistake in writing english since i was in the stage of learning.












Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah – Sept, 29th 2013

MY REPORT PART II – By : Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah

Diah2A four-semester final exam had ended at the end of June, and I decided to go home to my beloved hometown. While awaiting the results of tests, I got together with my beloved family. I had a new sister and I have never seen before.

Shortly afterwards, the value of four-semester exam results came out. The value is not so bad, it is just that I am still not satisfied. My friends another started his holiday by taking a short-semester, while I started with an apprentice at Siantar Zoo. I want to know the world veterinary in closer.

Diah1At the Siantar Zoo, many interact with the animals are on the lecture do not I see. Moreover, kinds of animals at Siantar Zoo increased since the entry of Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya). Among them are orangutan of Borneo , cassowary wattle double, banteng, an assortment of monkeys, camels, nilgai nad hippopotamus. Between the Sumatran orangutan (has long existed at the Siantar Zoo named Copral) and Bornean orangutan (serived from Surabaya Zoo named Dino and Jojo) I saw almost no difference between them, it is just on Borneo more concentrated hair color a little bit. I am not so friendly with them because they are so aggressive. But, I so clearly note that they readily stress once. I recently know is apparently orangutans not to be given the drug the animals, they use the same drug with humans. And as much  as possible to avoid giving the drug by injection. One more thing that I found on orangutan is theis labor so strong.

Diah6Things can not possibly I forget during my apprentice at Siantar Zoo was when I strucked by bears honey, monkeys and cassowary. When visit Dino and Jojo, involuntarily me props in the wall of the enclosure bears honey, with so fast he pulled my hand. Grateful just a my hand clothes torn, not my hand. Katon is smart monkey who always trying to get out of his stall. When I want to feed him, he tried to want out. Quickly I close the door cage and instantly he hit the door towards me and hurt my hand. While with cassowary, I had the kick so strong and wounding left thigh I due to it is hoof are so sharp. I think that are my challenge in the future as a veterinarian.

Diah5The things that I went through during my internship at Siantar Zoo is a very valuable experience. And I am so pleased to be able to interact with so many kinds of animal created by God. Hpefully there’s more chance the other day so I can better understand about orangutan in direct practice, not just theory about them.




7th Semester Update from Cut Sahvirna Devinta Fauzi

Hi, we meet again. I am Cut Sahvrina Devinta Fauzi of Veterinary Medicine Unsyiah. I want to give my report for this semester. Last semester was my seventh.  In semester seven I learned many new things. For example, I learned techniques of surgery, pathology in small animals (pet), infectious diseases, livestock science piece. While learning the techniques surgery of animal, I did some type of surgery such as anaesthetic, castration, ovarectomy in cats and tail docking in dogs. And I learned technical fracture on a bone and the proper installation of bandages and plaster casts.

I also visited a dairy farm owned by one of my lecturers. In the farm there are 10 cow types such as FH (friesian holstein) that provide milk in the region of Banda Aceh. I also studied the life cycle of the dairy cows and the disease in dairy cows. And then I also attended many seminars on wildlife conservation such as elephants, Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran tiger and how to control your pet reptile.

Currently I’m running on KKN courses (Course Work), the courses are given to all students in the University of Syiah Kuala in order to channel the knowledge that has been gained to the citizens of the community that exists around the province of Aceh. With this service we can get to know the importance of a science that we get for our surrounding community.

So this is the narrative that I can provide to supplement some of the data required by the OIC, OURF and AFH. Thanks and see you again.

Martha and Angel Fund Save Tuminous, a Very Social Cat


MagicSome five years ago, Martha Slater was working in her garden, happily weeding and troweling.  Suddenly, she said, “here is this little black kitten. He came up and spent the entire day with me, sitting and watching me in a very companionable way. I brought him some food and water and, in the evening when I went in, he stayed, sleeping on the couch on our deck. Our two cats looked at him [through the window] and he looked at them.”

During the next week, the kitten continued to spend a lot of time with Martha. So she decided that she should find out where he had come from. “It turned out that he lived two houses away from us. I knocked on their door and introduced myself. One of the kids in the family came over and picked up Magic [the kitten’s name] and he seemed very happy to go home.

But, she said, Magic continued to spend a lot of time at her house. And she discovered that other people in the neighborhood also knew him, including her upstairs neighbors, Cameo and Misheda, who weren’t cat people until they met him.  “He did a lot of visiting. He loves children. He loves other cats.  But he doesn’t love dogs,” she said. “At 8 o’clock in the morning you’d see him with his tail high escorting kids to school. When the kids came home at the end of the day, there he’d be walking them back home.”

Martha started calling the kitten Bituminous and her husband Rob shortened it to Tuminous.

One day, the kitten appeared to have an eye infection and Martha alerted the family. “They said, ‘We don’t know what to do.’ So I went to the pharmacy and got some eye wash and irrigated his eyes. I didn’t mind because he is such a sweet compliant fellow.”

Later, the cat showed up at her house and was unable to use one of his legs. “I thought he might have fallen but I didn’t think anything was broken. I suggested to the family that he needed to go to a veterinarian. They said they didn’t have the time for that. I suggested they keep him in because I didn’t think he could get away if a coyote came after him.” The family put the cat in a guest bathroom, Martha said – but he was back at her house in a couple of hours. He stayed with her for a couple of days until he was better.

Last spring, Tuminous showed up at Martha’s house one morning clearly sick. “He was dribbling urine and it was bloody.  He was so uncomfortable and it seemed like a urinary blockage. We’ve had that with our cats before.  So I called his people.  I said he is suffering and he really needs to go to the vet. One of the children called the father and asked him could come take the cat. So I wrapped him in a blanket. When I talked to the father, he said: ‘I don’t want him bleeding all over my white leather [car] seats.’ They took him to the vet but they wouldn’t leave him overnight. . . . He came to my house soon after that and he was in such pain and so sick. I called the family but the father was ‘too busy’ to return my call.

“So I called Dr. [Gary] Gauthier and he said to throw him in the car and bring him in [to Arch Beach Veterinary Clinic in Laguna Beach]. It was 8 or 9 o’clock.  He needed hydrating and he needed surgery.  When the father found out, he called Dr. Gauthier and said: ‘Well, just put him to sleep. This is costing too much.’ I told the doctor that I didn’t care what it would cost.  We can pay over a period of time.” Her husband was running a tech startup, she said, and they did not have much money at the time.

So Tuminous had his surgery. Several neighbors who knew the social black cat contributed money to help pay the bill.  And Dr. Gauthier suggested that help might be available from Angel Fund.  Martha filled out an application and her request was granted. Angel Fund and the clinic each contributed $500.

Today Tuminous is his old social self.  His former family is gone. He has many good human friends and he can sleep and eat with several of them. “He’s very healthy. He’s amazing.  He’s sleek and long.  And he’s spoiled rotten,” Martha said.


With Help From Angel Fund, Nichole Saves Her Shih Tzu, Sally


Pulse Nicole-SallyOne morning late in January, 2013, Nichole Castaneda, was on her way to work.  She heard a dog barking across the street. It was a small dog – a Shih Tzu – and it was alone.  Nichole called to the dog and it ran across the street.

“It almost got hit by a car,” she said. ”I was wearing a sweater with a drawstring so I took out the drawstring and tied it around the dog.  Then I took it to the 7-11 that is next to my work” at a Weinerschnitzel fast food restaurant.  She asked a clerk at the 7-11 if she knew the owner of the dog.  The answer was no.  But the clerk said that a coworker might want to take in the animal. The coworker took it home.  But the dog’s barking annoyed his neighbors.  The next day, the dog was returned to Nichole at the Weinerschnitzel.  She put the dog in a shopping cart with a bowl of water and placed cardboard over the top.

“When I got off work, I took her home. She was urinating blood so I took her to an animal hospital.  They took x-rays.  She had no microchip. She had two ear infections. She had a bladder infection and three big bladder stones. She needed antibiotics and ear medication and they set up an appointment to do surgery for the bladder stones.”

By this time, Nichole and the dog – she named it Sally after a character in the movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” – had become fond companions. The surgery would cost more than $5,000, Nichole was told, far more than she could afford on her modest income.

“What I did was I went online to Giveforward.com and set up an account where people could donate money toward Sally’s surgery,” she said.  She also posted an account of Sally’s adventures on her Facebook page.  Both brought contributions.  She also found Angel Fund online and submitted an application, which was approved.

“Angel Fund was awesome,” Nichole said.  “I really appreciated their help – a lot. And the same with the hospital and the Giveforward people. And everyone else who helped.” The surgery was performed at Veterinary Healthcare Center in Monterey Park in December, 2013. Angel Fund and the hospital each contributed $500.

Today, Sally is thriving at about seven years of age. “Sally is not afraid of anyone. She is friendly with other animals, children, old people. She is not afraid of fireworks, either,” Nichole said.

And the Shih Tzu gets lots of tender, loving care from Nichole and her 14-year-old daughter, Mary Lou. They live with Nichole’s dad and his second family in Rosemead. There are three other dogs, two cats and several children in the household – a great home for a friendly dog like Sally.


Stryker 1Dorothy, Jim and their wonderful boy Stryker recently visited Royale Health in Mission Viejo.
They asked if anyone was afraid of dogs and 1 woman said, “Yes” so we encouraged her to move a row back and not be in the circle where we were going to walk around and introduce Stryker to everyone & she did. It only took 5 min or so for her to speak out that she wanted to try to pet him. Then she wanted to give him a treat & was very proud of herself for being brave. She did great and continued to talk about how much she liked him. It was so cute.