Protecting Your Pets from Mesothelioma

Unlike many health conditions, mesothelioma is not unique to just humans. While it’s uncommon, your family pets, including cats and dogs, are at risk of developing the aggressive, asbestos-related cancer.



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What Vegetables Will Your Dog Eat?

Some dogs love vegetables and fruits.  What should you NOT feed them (grapes, raisins, etc.)?  Have you tried to see which they will eat?  You should!



Leptospirosis in Dogs: What You Should Know

It is a zoonotic disease, which means, it infects humans as well.  It is caused by bacteria that is in the urine of wildlife. New vaccinations are better than they used to be, which is good since we are seeing more cases than ever.



Make It Special and Make Your Own Pet Ashes Urn

It is a hard time after you lose a pet.  And, many times, you want to do something special and lasting as a result.  If you are interested in making your own urn for your pet’s ashes READ MORE

Preparing for Long Road Trips

Did you adopt a new pet during the lockdown in COVID-19?  And, with restrictions being lifted, are you considering traveling with them this summer?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, READ MORE


How to Prevent Animal Cruelty

Sadly, animal cruelty is incredibly common, and it happens everywhere—from urban areas to the most remote locations. The United States is No Exception.