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AHF Pet Partners registers it's first Therapy DOVE!

Daleen Comer has a Sheltie Pet Partner named Bonnie.  Her first and exceptional Pet Partner Sheltie, Duffy, went over the Rainbow Bridge this past spring. 

Daleen and her family was asked to nurse an injured wild dove back to health in their home.  An egg was hatched on August 15, 2008 and out came a Ringneck Dove they named Cloud. From the age of 2 weeks, Cloud was handled regularly, and was moved into his own cage when he was about 4 months old. He is a very social bird, and loves to ride in the car and meet new people. He gets along well with their dogs, older cat (the young cats view him as a toy, so we keep them apart) and people of all ages. He gets free flight time every day, and divides his time between his high perches and the floor. He loves to coo, and he especially loves to sing in the shower. He will be used in a weekly classroom reading program, alternating with Bonnie, our READ dog, and will also visit senior facilities.

On July 24, 2010 Cloud and Daleen became the first Pet Partner Dove Team!  Dove's cooing at the evaluations calmed everyone and it was a delightful background to a normally hectic day.

 In case you want to learn more about doves, read on:

Doves are one of the oldest domesticated species of bird (around 2,000 years), and Ringneck Doves are the most popular pet doves. They are exceptionally docile and easy to handle, and their soothing cooing is quite pleasant. They are a symbol of peace, and are often used by magicians due to their mellow temperaments. The white “doves” released at weddings are actually white homing pigeons (Ringneck Doves have no homing ability and should never be released). Although white is a common color for Ringnecks, they actually come in over 40 different color varieties.

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