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Pet Cremation Emerges as Option for Grieving Owners

It’s no secret that everyone, animal lovers included, has been affected by the current economy, and pet owners choosing cremation for their pets is just another example of people finding ways to cut costs. Mike Detlefsen, president of Pet Haven Cemetery & Crematory in Gardena, told the Los Angeles Times, “The economy is cutting them back from spending $800 on a burial compared to an $80 cremation." The savings comes from not having to purchase a casket or granite markers. However, it’s important to note that cremation for humans is on the rise, and just as we see dogs sporting trendy collars and clothes to match their owner’s duds, it’s likely that many people are selecting cremation over burial simply because it’s becoming more fashionable to do so.

The increase in cremations might be saving owners money in some respects, but the trend has created growth in another — pet memorial items, like urns and other items designed to transport a pet’s remains, which can begin as low as $35 or so for a decorated cardboard tube, and can reach prices most of us could only imagine.

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