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Retiring Therapy Dog Team Carolyn, her daughter Malena and Shay

Retiring Therapy Dog Team Carolyn, her daughter Malena and Shay

Since they were first evaluated in 2008, the Berndt's and their miniature schnauzer, Shay, became a fixture visiting at CHOC (Children's Hospital in Orange County). But Carolyn noticed that Shay didn't seem to enjoy her visits lately (2012) as much as she had. Even though Carolyn still loved their visits, she has decided to retire Shay because it wasn't fair to her pet partner. This is one of the hardest decisions an owner has to make, especially when the retirement is not for a medical reason. But, we are taught to be very aware of our therapy animals and be considerate of them.

The AHF Board of Trustees thanks you, Carolyn, Malena and Shay for your giving nature and wonderful visits to the children at CHOC.

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