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Featured Team

Sandy Chang, Roxey and Paige

Sandy Chang, Roxey and Paige

“After visiting for 7 years the experiences have combined into one huge warm fuzzy.”

 Sandy has been an AHF Pet Partner for 7 years with her bi-black Sheltie, Roxey.  Then, into the fold comes another bi-black Sheltie named Paige who has been visiting with Sandy for 3 years and is Roxey’s niece. 

 Having more than one Pet Partner is necessary when you are as busy visiting as Sandy.  They visit at Walnut Manor Care Center in Anaheim biweekly, Windsor Gardens in Fullerton and Newport Bay Hospital in Newport Beach and Terrace View Care Center in Fullerton on a monthly basis.  In addition, they visit the Adams School Library in Santa Ana monthly where the kids spend the morning reading books to dogs.

 One of the most rewarding visits Sandy and her Shelties do is in Brea.  Since 2006, they’ve assisted a speech language pathologist with her elementary school age autistic and developmentally challenged clients. Sandy recalls a time when “after working with an autistic child for almost a year, he greeted our arrival by gleefully calling out Roxey's name, giving her a gentle petting, and then turning to me giving me the biggest smile and hug ever. It was wonderful watching him progress from minimal talking to expressing his needs and responding to requests during the couple of years that we assisted at his sessions.”

 Sandy tells us that Roxey and Paige love doing obedience and tricks like “whisper,” “sneeze” and “touch your nose” since food is always closely associated with them!  They both love going shopping at "barkeries," putting their paws up on the counters begging for biscuits.  Family road trips together are the most fun of all.

 About being a Pet Partner, Sandy says: “The best part about being my girls' "chauffeur" is that there are always smiles on the faces of the patients, residents, clients, and staff as they greet Roxey or Paige. I love watching the focus being on them and their interactions with people. I know that my girls have brought a bit of joy, comfort, and encouragement to someone.”

 AHF could not evaluate teams without Sandy.  She is the rock at the evaluations, scheduling the volunteer assistants, greeting the potentially new and existing Pet Partner Teams, helping them feel at ease, dealing with and organizing all of the paperwork necessary, and ensuring each and every person has a good experience.  AHF could not do this without Sandy and we appreciate her dedication.

 Fortunately, her workplace has the type of schedule that she can spend Fridays off chauffeuring Roxey or Paige to visits. “Being able to give back to the community and making it a little better place is what AHF and Delta enable us to do, and we truly enjoy doing it. At times, I feel a little guilty getting so much more out of volunteering than I seem to put into it. Many thanks to AHF and Delta for this privilege and opportunity!”

 And, many thanks to you, Sandy, Roxey and Paige for enjoying what you do for the community and AHF.

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