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Featured Team

Suzie Cordes, Cody and Tucker

Suzie Cordes, Cody and Tucker

Hi my name is Cody and I became an AHF Pet Partner in April of 2006.  I am a Blenheim colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I am owned by my partner Suzie.  I have a brother named Tucker who is also a Pet Partner, but more about him later.  My partner Suzie knew I was meant to use my gentle nature to help others since I was just a puppy.  She got me ready by taking many obedience classes. 

At my first puppy class I met my first real Cavalier/Pet Partner friend named Bentley.  His owner and my owner became fast friends and that is how we heard about the Delta Therapy Program.  I worked really hard to learn all my obedience lessons so I could pass the Delta Test. 

Once I was certified my owner took me to my first job at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  I am so proud to be a CHOC Dog!  Our work there was very busy because there are so many children that need my help.  I also learned that the staff loves me just as much as the kids do, and sometimes they need my help too!  Everyone is so happy to see me when I go to work. 

My owner also started to take me to see the children at CHOC at Mission Hospital.  That is where I do my best work.  The hospital is smaller so I am able to spend lots of time with each child.  I love to get up on the children’s bed and lay down next to them.  I even let them rub my tummy, back and ears…that’s my favorite part of the visit.  A couple of times I’ve been so relaxed I fell asleep and started to snore… until I heard everyone laugh at me!!!

 I’ve also done other types of visits.  Once, I was able to go to an elementary school and the kids got to read books to me.  My favorite book was Biscuit Goes to School.   I think it should have been called Cody goes to school!!  I loved that the kids wanted to share their favorite stories with me.  I have also helped AHF spread the word about Animal Assisted Therapy at Pet Expo and at Wags and Wiggles' grand opening.

 As I got older my owner noticed that I got very tired after some of the busier work days.  So, she had my brother Tucker take the Delta Test so he could help us out.  Now we get to alternate each time we visit so we don’t get too tired.  I am really glad I can share such a fun job with my brother.  Here is his story, Take it away Tucker.

 Hi I’m Tucker and I am a Ruby colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I had to wait a while before I became a Pet Partner because I was very busy taking Agility classes.  I’m an action dog, so I love to run and jump and play.  I love to run through tunnels and around weave poles and over the jumps.  My owner said I needed to calm down a little before I could pass my Delta test. 

Once I passed, I was able to help out my brother Cody and visit the children at CHOC at Mission Hospital.  I love the days we visit because I get to ride in a stroller up to the top floor.  I know I could run the whole way, but my partner Suzie says I would get my feet too dirty and then I would not be allowed up on the children’s bed.  So I just wag my tail at everyone who looks at me while I ride. 

Once I’m upstairs, I leave the stroller behind and run from room to room to see who wants to pet me.  I can get up onto chairs and beds to make it easier for the children and staff to pet me.  I love to give kisses when asked!  This is the best job ever!

My partner Suzie has met so many new friends through our work with AHF, Delta and CHOC.  I am lucky to meet all of her new friends too.  I am glad that Cody and I can help everyone we visit feel better.  Thanks Animal Health Foundation for giving us this opportunity!

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