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In Memory of Ronald Ashby - a wonderful friend
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Thank You Janice Laureen - January 17, 1956 - March 8, 2012
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In loving memory of A. Robert (Bob) Jack - A donation from the Dr. Mark Malo and Dr. Richard Glassberg Families. October 2010
Robert K. Washburn Memorial Donation from Lou Gatto July 2010
Natalie Kennedy Memorial Donation from Mary, Richard and Adam Glassberg June 2010
Antonio Vicente Glassberg -- Memorial Donation From Adam, Mary and Richard Glassberg April 2001
Dr. Joe Cortese Memorial Donation Made by the AHF Board of Trustees January 2009
Jonny Copp Memorial Donation From Richard, Mary and Adam Glassberg June 2009
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In Memory of Gail Anne Rominger, 1963 - 2017

In Memory of Gail Anne Rominger, 1963 - 2017
Gail Rominger was a courageous warrior in the fight against Breast Cancer these past five years. She inspired us all, and so many who never personally met, with her strength, ability to isolate the challenges of her illness, unwavering commitment to her job, love of family and friends, and infectious, witty sense of humor.
Everyone who encountered Gail was blessed by her beautiful smile and put at ease...and those with four legs knew they were particularly special.
Gail would be filled with gratitude for all donations made in her name going to aid those pets who need medical care. She was primarily a dog lover, and wonderful owner to Oso, her lab and Allie, her Austrailian Shepherd, but she had a special place in her heart for all living creatures.
The AHF thanks the following people who honored Gail's memory with love and a donation to the AHF Angel Fund*:

Ed and Nancy Bourne

Dana & David Lindley

The Carey Family

Larry and Kathy Coyle

Suzanne & Beatrice Frey-Obolsky

Gail's Friends at TDC: In fond memory of Gail, our friend and co-worker, who we all miss very much.  Her smile and easy kindness will not be forgotten

The Doctor's Management Company



*The Angel Fund is a cooperative venture between the Animal Health Foundation (AHF) and the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) and its members. The fund assists pet owners in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, with veterinary care when paying for care is challenging or impossible.

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