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Choose Your Animal Welfare Program—and Donate!

Thank you for donating to the Animal Health Foundation (AHF). By doing so, you will improve the lives of animals and the people who care for them.

The Animal Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and your contributions—large and small—are tax deductible. In addition, if you give to the United Way campaign, you may specify the Animal Health Foundation as the recipient of all or part of your contribution.

Explore the many ways to partner with the AHF and choose the best fit for you. At any time, you can click the Donate Now button at the top of the page to make a donation.


Learn about the program you wish to sponsor:

Make a sponsorship donation.

Donate Photo

AHF Pet Partner team Kirby and Lightening.

Pet Memorial Program

A pet’s spirit lives on in a powerful way when you memorialize his or her passing. We create a pet memorial page in your special pet’s name when you donate to the AHF. You may specify the AHF program you wish to support with your memorial donation. To learn aobut pet memorials:

Make a memorial donation.

The Rainbow Bridge Fund

The Rainbow Bridge Fund’s goal is to pay for unexpected expensive procedures needed to save animals having a reasonable chance of survival. The key factor standing between euthanasia and survival is money and this fund addresses the issue directly.

In 1998, after almost 37 years in veterinary practice, Dr. Sheldon Altman retired. He and his partners of 27 years, Dr. Martin Small and Dr. Edsel Robertson, often did pro bono work for clients unable to pay for life-saving treatments. When clients inquired about retirement gifts for Dr. Altman, he and his staff decided it was more appropriate to set up a charitable fund for emergency animal medical services. The funds contributed by Dr. Altman’s clients provided the seed money for the Rainbow Bridge Fund. To have the fund as a part of the foundation and to provide support is an honor for the AHF. Dr. Altman, an emeritus Animal Health Foundation Trustee, is active in managing the fund.

Veterinarians and their staff recommend deserving clients, contribute or discount their services, and help solicit resources to perpetuate the fund. The result is a partnership between treating veterinarians and the fund in aiding financially stressed animal owners.

To support the Rainbow Bridge Fund:

Veterinarians: Euthanasia Memorial Programs

Veterinarian Pet Memorial Donations in Memory of Deceased Patients

Veterinarians have generously supported the Animal Health Foundation by recognizing the passing of cherished pets and may donate to the Euthanasia Memorial Program in memory of their deceased patients. This is a kind and moving tribute, deeply appreciated by the owners and families of the memorialized pet.

When veterinarians make a donation in memory of a pet, the foundation creates a memorial page on our website and notifies the client of the donation by letter or email. The client receives a link to the memorial page and is able to upload a photograph and write a personal memorial to the pet.

View a memorial page to see how it works.

If you are a veterinarian interested in Pet Memorial Donations, contact our Executive Director for more information.

Direct Mail

If you use direct mail for promotions or send reminder cards to your clients or patients, consider RMCARDS.COM. Choosing an image from the Animal Health Foundation art gallery for your cards directs RMCARDS.COM to donate part of the proceeds to the AHF. To choose this option when ordering your cards:


Artists can support the AHF by contributing artwork for our postcards. To contribute artwork: