Wildlife Assistance

While our pets enjoy the security of a warm home, the orangutans of Borneo suffer daily. Poachers, feeding the pet trade demand prey upon fragile infant orangutans and their mothers. At the same time, thousands of acres of forest to become palm oil plantations.

Many of these gentle, intelligent creatures suffer injuries at the hands of those who pursue them. Broken bones suffered by infants who fall from trees, gunshot wounds and malnutrition are among the commonly found conditions plaguing this endangered species. Rain forests are no longer safe havens for these intelligent, noble creatures. In order for the species to survive, we must provide medical and political assistance. The Animal Health Foundation has elected to support this cause. We have assisted the Orangutan Foundation International by providing needed supplies and equipment to help establish an on-site veterinary hospital to care for sick and injured primates. Many Southern California veterinarians have donated supplies and equipment.

Make a donation for wildlife assistance.

Wildlife assistance photo

A friendly orangutan poses for a picture.

With your help, we can make a difference in the future of the orangutans and other animals. Your tax-deductible donations help support efforts to provide veterinary care for needy primates. You can help bring needed aid to these beautiful creatures and help repair the damage man has inflicted.

Previously, the Animal Health Foundation has sponsored efforts to help marine mammals and other wildlife. You can send donations of medical equipment and supplies to the Animal Health Foundation. Please contact us before shipping equipment.