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Past projects

Past Projects

Pet Meal Delivery Programs

The Animal Health Foundation (AHF) worked in cooperation with and provided the seed money for the Volunteers of America to provide in-home pet food delivery and other needed services to qualifying individuals. This program made pet care advice, training information, pet food and other assistance available to senior citizens in targeted areas of Southern California.

Delta Society Support

The Animal Health Foundation (AHF) provided $100,000 in grants to the Delta Society to further the Delta Society Animal Assisted Therapy/Assistance Programs.

Pet Insurance Program

The Animal Health Foundation (AHF) sponsored needy individuals' service pets for health insurance. The program was established to ensure veterinary care for pets owned by qualifying individuals. The fund to support this program was dependent upon the generosity of pet lovers. AHF, the sponsor of the program, will select qualified individuals who meet the stipulations stated herein.

Don Mahan Award

The Animal Health Foundation (AHF) has sponsored a variety of programs serving pets and wildlife. Included was the Don Mahan Award, which recognizes excellence in the practice of veterinary medicine. The Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) makes the award annually.

Pacemaker Bank

The Animal Health Foundation (AHF) helped pets benefit from the advancement of medical science by establishing a Pacemaker Bank to provide recalibrated pacemakers to canine patients.

Past Projects Photo

AHF has funded equine research.

Past Projects Photo

AHF Therapy Dog Jenna visits the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

The University of California Pet Loss Support Hotline

The University of California at Davis Veterinary school provided a pet loss support hotline for many years, offering grieving pet owners with an opportunity to share feelings with a caring professional. Callers found they are not alone in their grief or concern about the loss of their pet. When desired, counselors helped people find professional help in their immediate geographical area through their lists of referral therapists. They also provided a variety of pet loss literature. Unfortunately, as of June 2009 the hotline was discontinued due to budget cuts at the university.

Pet Loss Grief Therapy Sessions

For many years, the Animal Health Foundation provided counseling in a group therapy setting for those grieving from the loss of a pet. Grieving pet owners could get help at no cost through this project.

Research Projects


In 1975, funded by a Texas corporate sponsor, Dr. Pierre Lieux of Riverside, California received a grant to support his research in reproductive studies in mares.


In 1974, donations earmarked for the National Association for Veterinary Acupuncture provided funds to further the Association's work in animal acupuncture.

If you have an interest in seeing any of our past projects reinstituted or have ideas for new projects please contact us.