The Angel Fund Grant Program: Help with Veterinary Care

From its inception, the Animal Health Foundation has provided financial help to clients with limited funds.

The Angel Fund (a continuation of the original Animal Health Care Fund) is a cooperative venture between the Animal Health Foundation (AHF) and the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) and its members. The fund assists pet owners in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, with veterinary care when paying for care is challenging or impossible.

Eligibility for the Angel Fund

Eligibility criteria for assistance from the Angel Fund:

  • Hospitals—Veterinary hospitals in Southern California with either a full or non-voting SCVMA member on staff are edigible. Hospitals must complete an annual enrollment form before applying for funds.
  • Clients—To be eligible for an Angel Fund grant, a client must demonstrate financial hardship. The veterinary hospital is responsible for confirmation of eligibility. For information about the program, how to apply and other funding sources which may help, click here. To locate an SCVMA member veterinarian click here.
  • Pets—To be eligible for an Angel Fund grant, pets must be spayed, neutered, or less than six months of age. If a surgical procedure is part of the treatment and there is no additional risk to the pet, spaying or neutering is mandatory. The client is financially responsible for this portion of the surgery.
  • Treatment—Covered care is only for non-elective medical and surgical procedures of sick or injured companion animals. Some procedures which do not qualify for funding include:
    • Routine physical examinations
    • Vaccinations
    • General prophylactic dental care
    • Spays and neuters
    • Caesarian sections
    • Infected uteruses

Funding Limits

Veterinary hospitals are eligible for a maximum of $1,000 for voting members per calendar year for financial hardship cases. No family may receive more than the $1,000 and no pet may receive funds more than once in a calendar year. Veterinarians MUST be members of the SCVMA and most hospitals reserve these funds for their existing clients.

Hospital Application Process - for hospitals
(Southern California only)

Each veterinary hospital must complete and submit an AHF-SCVMA Angel Fund Hospital Enrollment Form. This qualifies the hospital to participate in The Angel Fund grant program. If a hospital wants to enroll in the program, the hospital should contact the SCVMA at 714-821-7493.


Yoko Kehler, cuddled by her grateful family. The Angel Fund paid for her emergency surgery.

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