The Animal Health Foundation promotes educational efforts serving to improve the lives of animals and the people who care about them. Throughout the years, we have sponsored, supported and designed projects, which increase knowledge about pets, wildlife and the human-animal bond.

Education Photo

Today's Animal Health featured celebrities such as Jacques Cousteau.

Promoting responsible pet ownership is of the utmost importance to the AHF. We take a variety of approaches to disseminating information about responsible pet care to the community. Seminars, exhibits, literature, media, and our web site offer avenues for education.

Our website provides extensive pet care information in the form of articles, videos, and magazines.

It is challenging for veterinarians and technicians to keep current with advances in medicine, surgery and pet care. Making it possible for other creatures to share in the advancements of medical science, AHF sponsors educational endeavors of pet care professionals and the advancement of animal health issues. From time to time, we sponsor professional seminars about current topics in animal care. Specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine present education and training in the latest topics and techniques.

Educating young people about animals is critical to developing respect and understanding about the value of pets to society. Increasing public awareness helps to build appreciation for our interdependence with the animals on this planet.

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