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Pet Loss and Bereavement

As with human loss, when you lose a pet you can expect to go through different stages of grief including denial, anger, guilt, pain and depression. You also have some things to think about when you lose your pet.

We have put together a list of websites and an audio tape designed to help you through the grieving. They will shed light on questions like, burial, cremation, support groups; online discussion forums, ways to volunteer and give back, remembering your pet with a scrapbook, online memorial, etc.

To lose a loyal, devoted friend is hard. Don’t underestimate the power of the human-animal bond, even after death.

We hope these sources help you move through your grief.

A Time For Goodbyes (Audio)

Learn More:

Argus Institute for Families and Veterinary Medicine
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Grief Healing
Pet Grief Support and Candle Ceremony
Pet Loss Help
Pet Loss Partners

Recommended Reading

  • "Bill at Rainbow Bridge" by Dan Carrison
  • "When You Have to Say Goodbye" (written for Children) by Monica Mansfield, DVM
  • Pet Loss books for children by Corey Gut, DVM – "Being Brave for Bailey" and "Staying Strong for Smokey"