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Include Pets in Disaster Preparedness

Pet owners should explore options to accommodate pets in the event of a disaster, including finding a place to go that will take both owners and pets along with appropriately packing for both human and animal evacuees. "You need all the things that your pet would need for three or four days. So this would be food, proof of immunizations. You might need a note from your vet that your pet is healthy," says Jeanne Salvatore of the Insurance Information Institute.

For a information on "Disaster Preparedness for the Pet Owner" see  Dr. Dirk B. Yelinek's comprehensive article on this website at http://www.animalhealthfoundation.net/downloads/Disaster%20Preparedness%20For%20The%20Pet%20Owner.pdf.  Do not hesitate to forward this vital information to your friends and family. 

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