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Dog with tongue out

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Event

The National DIsaster Search Dog Foundation( is
having a groundbreaking ceremony )9/11/10. If you are not aware of the
foundation, it is a non-profit group that rescues dogs and trains them for
disaster search. Many FEMA certified dogs are originally from this

The foundation has begun a 16+million dollar project to build a 125 acre
training facility in Santa Paula, CA. This will be where new dogs will be
housed and trained, and where certified dogs will be welcome to return for
training when needed. They will be holding a groundbreaking ceremony on
9/11/10 where search canine handlers, and SDF supporters can come and learn
about the project and tour the property. The executive director of the
program was a canine handler that responded to 9-11 and appreciated the care
that the VMAT teams provided for the dogs during that time.

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