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Dog with tongue out

Kim Kane and her Retired Pet Partner, Muffy


“‘Is Muffy coming today?’ That’s the question I hear most from the pediatric patients as Thursday approaches,” says Stacy Smith, the Child Life Specialist at Kaiser’s Anaheim campus. “The kids who know Muffy love their special visits and look forward to them. The kids who have not previously met her are always impressed with her dance moves on the hospital floor. She knows when to be silly and knows just the right time to snuggle close. We are thankful to have Pet Partners Muffy and Kim Kane visit us weekly. They make a wonderful team!”


Kim says, “Muffy and I have had so many experiences together, and I’m always awed at how well she handles herself when the unexpected happens. I’ll never forget the day we stepped off the elevator at Kaiser and heard the most awful caterwaul! It seems a 3-year-old girl was giving the nurse a hard time. The nurse had loaded a child-sized wheelchair with all kinds of stuffed animals and was trying to get her little patient to walk by pushing the chair, but the child was having none of it! When the nurse saw Muffy, she actually ran over and begged for help. Well, we took the toys out of the wheelchair, put Muffy in, and that was the ticket! The little girl pushed her all around the floor, and then the girl sat in the chair with Muffy on her lap and her mom pushed them both.

Mission accomplished.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: Muffy retired as a Pet Partner at the end of 2010 at the age of 14.

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