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Charlene Savage, Donor to the Animal Health Foundation and Animal Lover, Was Inspired by her Parents’ Theory of Giving.

Sometimes when meeting a new person, you just know. You know they are kind, and generous. They have an ability to put people at ease with a simple smile and easy greeting.  It’s easy to meet them, and you instantly feel like you have found a friend. When I met Charlene Savage at her home, it was very much like that, an instant connection .  Charlene has been one of the most prolific donors in the History of the Animal Health Foundation, and we wanted to meet with her to say a humble and heartfelt  “thank you”.  During the conversation, I realized her story is our story, the pet owner’s story and for those of us who appreciate the human animal bond- a reminder of why doing what’s right is always the best choice.

Charlene is a local gal-born and raised in Southern California, working in her family business while raising her own family of 3 boys (and now 7 grandchildren)-all of them pet lovers.  From an early age, she loved dogs, especially shelter dogs.  I asked her about her theory of giving – which was inspired by her loving parents – and why she chooses the AHF as a charitable organization. 

Charlene, could you tell me how you learned about the AHF?

“I started donating to the AHF memorial fund in honor of a beloved dog name Beau, a Sheppard mix.  I learned about the program from my veterinarian, Dr. Glassberg of Sunnycrest Animal Care Center in Fullerton, when Beau died. It was a nice way to remember him.  I learned that the AHF provides support for veterinary expenses and funds scholarships around the world.”  That resonated with Charlene-a charity that promotes the human animal bond and strives to make the world a better place for pets.

The Human Animal Bond

One of the tenants of The Animal Health Foundation is promoting the human animal bond.  Charlene is the embodiment of the bond that pet owners have with their pets:

“To me, the human animal bond is all about companionship. Pets teach children sensitivity and make them better people. They give us peace.  It’s not something that can be taught.  It’s natural.”


A long time adopter of shelter dogs, Charlene believes the adopted pets come with a sense of gratitude for being rescued.  An adoptee of hers was there during our conversation, happily wagging his tail as proof of her ongoing resolution to adopt shelter dogs.  I asked Charlene what was her strategy for giving. She told me she gives to organizations that speak to her and that do the right thing.

“I donate to the AHF because of the help they give people who struggle with providing veterinary care.” Charlene especially appreciates the work the foundation does for retirees who need assistance.  Another way of promoting the human animal bond…. A very humble thank you to Ms. Savage, for doing the right thing, and reminding us about the human animal bond… We will try to make you proud.

The Animal Health Foundation (AHF) understands the importance of pets and wildlife to the earth and to all humankind, and knows you do, too. Together we can make a difference in the lives of animals, while improving the quality of life on our fragile planet. The AHF is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to improving the health and welfare of animals by supporting and promoting charitable, scientific, literary, and educational activities.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we are financially independent and sponsor many ongoing projects. Your donations assist the AHF in meeting the needs of animal and human welfare, while supporting and promoting responsible pet ownership. Working in conjunction with the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA), we have ambitious plans for the future.

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