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AHF Board Member - Dr. Alice Villalobos - Receives Ethics Award

AHF Board Member, Dr. Alice Villalobos, was awarded the prestigious Shomer Ethics Award at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics in Orlando, FL.

Dr. Villalobos was presented the award by Dr. Paul Pion, Co‐Founder of VIN.

Dr. Villalobos was given the award "for her years of service and leadership for the SVME, and for her role as the "Mother" of veterinary hospice and quality of life assessment at end of life, with emphasis on bioethical decision making for euthanasia, while honoring the human-animal bond.  She introduced Pawspice, an end of life care philosophy that embraces kinder, gentler palliative cancer care and palliative medicine for terminal pets, while supporting the emotional needs of carers."

To learn more about this award and it's criteria, please go to www.




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