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Guestbook for Moab

Posted By Pam Becker on Jan 10 2013

Sweet Mo. I only got to know you a couple of years ago, but oh, what an impression you made on me! What a delightful and wonderful boy you were. Like none other. And so handsome! When people spoke of Am Staffs, I talked about YOU...

Posted By Daleen Comer on Jan 10 2013

I'm sorry I never got a chance to meet Mo. He sounded like a wonderful therapy partner and proof that a "bully breed" could be a sweet, gentle dog. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Posted By Jean Arovas on Jan 10 2013

I never met Mo but whenever you spoke of him, I could see the love and pride you felt. I hope your most wonderful memories will help you at this difficult time. Jean

Posted By diann frey on Jan 10 2013

I'm so sad with you Jan and Terry. I never got to meet Mo but loved hearing you talk about him. He was a very handsome boy by the picture you posted.

Posted By Jane on Jan 10 2013

Jan, I am so sorry about Mo. He sounds like such a character, so sorry I never got to meet him in person. I wish words and hugs could take the hurt away, but I know it will take a great deal of time to heal the hole he has left in your heart and life. Just know there will come a time you be able to think of this handsome boy and smile because of the wonderful memories he left with you. Hugs, Jane

Posted By Roxey and Paige on Jan 10 2013

Oh the stories we've heard about Mo! With the legacy he's left behind, we hope to hear even more. May the pawsome memories continue to be shared and may all those who knew Mo find comfort in them.

Posted By Rita Tayenaka on Jan 10 2013

Thinking of you and your tremendous loss. Such a hole left in your heart. Sounds like he touched a lot of lives in a wonderful way.

Posted By Kim and Muffy Kane on Jan 11 2013

Such fond memories of Mr. Mo. I remember you telling me that his agility moniker was "Slow-Mo"! And I remember the look on his face when Muffy was reading him the riot act..."What is your problem, you little black puffball?" And I'll never forget the sound of snoring when some little kid was reading him a particularly good book. Rest in Peace Mo-Man. And God bless your mom and dad.

Posted By Dorrie Steele and Maddie on Jan 11 2013

Jan, your heart must be aching. I wish I had meet Mo but I feel like I knew him. He was such a handsome guy. You are in my prayers.

Posted By Kathy Larson on Jan 11 2013

I am so sad for the loss of your wonderful Mo...may those amazing memories of such a great 4-legged partner give you smiles when you need them. Peaches sends her love too.

Posted By Joe and Kara Binatena on Jan 12 2013

In remembrance of the best staffordshire terrier ever... Moab 'Mo' May you rest in peace, buddy. Have fun with Mochies up there. Gangsters for life! @bitterjoe1 @thebikecompany