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Guestbook for Kayla

Posted By Rachel Quarantello on Jun 28 2013

I will miss her so much but then I think about the times we had together and I start to feel better. Even though she is gone I feel like she is watching down on us and smiling. -Rachel

Posted By Martha Quarantello on Jun 28 2013

What a very special girl. Kayla and my little Bonnie girl are once again together. I will forever miss them both.

Posted By Kim Cork on Jun 28 2013

Kayla will forever be remembered. I unfortunately did not get to know her for long, but she touched a very large spot in my heart. She is missed everyday by her wonderful family!!!

Posted By Monica on Jun 28 2013

Kayla was my best friend. She was always by my side and I miss her sooooo much. She will forever hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you to all of you who loved her. She had a great life and I know she left you all with sweet memories of your own. Good bye my good friend until we meet again :)

Posted By Jane Acton on Jul 09 2013

Kayla will be remembered by many and our lives have changed because of her kindness. She interacted with Rachel and Monica in a beautiful way. She is missed.

Posted By Linsey on Jul 12 2013

Kayla was the most amazing to dog to Rachel, her best friend through it all. It was sad to see her go, but it opened up a door for Rachel & her family. They met Evie & although she was no replacement for Kayla, she was the best to fill in Kayla's shoes. Kayla isn't with us physically, but shes with us emotionally, forever. She will always have a place in our hearts. Love you Kayla <3

Posted By Rachel on Aug 19 2013

I think about the past with Kayla and laugh but I don't feel sad anymore I'm happy for her and I will see her sometime

Posted By malinda campbell on Sep 10 2013

This puppy was a gift sent straight from heaven. Everyone who meet her was blessed. We miss you sweet puppy.