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November 20, 2008
Missed By: The Post Family

A generous donation was made by

Dr. Michael J. Smith, Dr. Jennifer Casidy and Dr. Taryn Griffith of the Country Hills Animal Clinic

The Retired Cat

A poet's cat, sedate and grave As poet well could wish to have, Was much addicted to inquire For nooks to which she might retire, And where, secure as mouse in chink, She might repose, or sit and think. A drawer, it chanced, at the bottom lined, With linen of the softest kind, With such as merchants introduce From India, for the ladies' use; A drawer, impending o'er the rest, Half open in the topmost chest, Of depth enough and none to spare, Invited her to slumber there; Puss with delight beyond expression, Surveyed the scene and took possession.

William Cowper