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Pet Memorials

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Missed By: Mr. and Mrs. Sontag

A Generous Donation Was Made By

Drs. Richard Glassberg, James Grimes, Rebecca Rosenberg and James Chupeco from the Sunnycrest Animal Care Center

Rocko Bear

My Dearest Blonde Baby Rocko,

You were a treasure to hold since we found you, littered in newspapers sleeping, while all of your brothers and sisters were jumping around for other people to adopt them. Mommy had decided that Chanel (your future girlfriend) would be lonely, so she went to go pick you up. You stood out from the rest, or should I say, laid down. Mommy and Daddy split the cost for you. I always teased that if we split up, I get the "rump roast" portion of you. Your existence united us more as a family. As a baby, you would trounce endlessly on the bed, while Chanel repeatedly kicked your butt. She would soon realize that you are a great force to be reckoned with, when not sleeping or eating. You ate 6 extra portions of food each day so you could become my little "Blubber Butt", "Rump Roast", "Big Boy", "Gordito", "Big Beast", "The Belcher of Bakersfield", and of course "Brad Pitt". You loved sporting your letterman jacket and your juicy couture winterwear. Eating was an endless journey for you. It was actually comforting seeing you enjoy eating. I remember you keeping me company while I was studying for the CPA. Peeking your head out and waiting for me to pinch your furry cheeks helped get me through those tough times. I remember when we lost Chanel. You came around looking for your soul mate constantly in the days after. Staying up instead of the incessant sleeping was unlike you, but you were sure she was going to come through that door. In the last year, you held on, but I could tell your little body was suffering. You were ready to join your bride in heaven. That day, I had to say goodbye to my only best friend and the most loyal companion I have even known. I will forever love you and hope we see each other again some day. Goodnight, sweet Prince.

Mommy & Daddy