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Missed By:Tanya Parrow

He Was My Beloved Horse Rootbeer

His muscles were strong and powerful, his heart was pure and honest. His hooves were swift and nimble, his wonderful thick, black mane and tail flowed in the wind. His gentle eyes welcomed me, his nose nudged my hand and my troubles faded away. His ears listened to my every word and were ever ready to catch those words not yet spoken. He accepted me on his back and took me places I have never been before and could not go without him. He could fly without wings and I loved to fly with him through fields of tall grass and down shaded trails in the woods. He was my sanity in this insane world and made me happy as no human ever could. He was my teacher, my greatest lessons were learned from him. He and I understood each other, we had the language of love between horse and rider, something not many can understand or interpret. He was a creature of God, a gift. He was my friend, my companion, my partner, he was my beloved horse Rootbeer.