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Missed By: Kathy and Keith

Just Jack

Goodbye Jack, our sweet Little Boy.
We fell in love with that face the first time we saw you almost 17 years ago. They called you Nicholas, but we named you “Just Jack.” Like the character on Will and Grace, you were stubborn, funny, fast, and fierce.
You always thought you were huge, and barked like a much larger dog. What a good protector you were, letting us know that night there was a stranger in the back yard. You alerted us and saved us. Our hero!
You loved the boys and took care of them every time they visited. You slept in the hall, halfway between their rooms, and took your role as their guardian very seriously. They loved you as much as you loved them. Their baseball games were some of your favorite adventures. You got to see the boys, which always made you happy, but you also had other fans who looked forward to seeing you at every game. The team said you were their lucky charm and even gave you a “Most Valuable Dog” award.
You rode in the carts at Home Depot and PetSmart, greeting everyone you saw. You begged for treats every minute of every day, and sometimes let us know when we didn’t give them fast enough. You chased tennis balls, your little blue footballs, and lizards, and ran faster than any of us.
But in recent years you slowed, mostly sleeping and eating, and eventually, because your back legs couldn’t hold you up, you lost interest in playing. (But you never stopped begging for treats.)
We didn’t think we would have you past last Christmas, but you surprised us all. And though you didn’t quite make it to your 17th birthday (September 20th), you gave us 16 years and 8 months of your spirit and love and loyalty.
Now you are where your legs work again. You are chasing lizards and blue footballs and running so fast no one can catch you. But it is a very empty house without you here.

RIP, Jack.
Heaven is full of treats.