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Missed By: Tim Armstrong

A Generous Donation Was Made By

Kathy Armstrong Drs. Les Malo, Brent Hess, Mark Malo and Kimberly Cork from the Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospitall

Gracie, I miss you like crazy!

Much can be said about Gracie. She was always loving and kind, with a side of playful and sassy. Her greatest gift was always love. From her puppy days til her last day, love was her meaning of life. While some time has passed since Gracie crossed rainbow bridge, my heart is still finding ways to wrap my head around the fact your no longer here with us. Sometimes life changes quickly and without real warning , I feel that happened with us. Although I did have a chance to say goodbye and we made promises to each other , I miss you like crazy. Gracie I will miss so many things you did to brighten my day. The smile on your face anytime I said \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Want a snack\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" . How you loved to sun bathe, and lick anyone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s toes who wasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wearing shoes. My nightly greeting when I came home. How you were my shadow wherever l may be in the house. And my hardest time of the day, every day is bed time. I so miss how you and Layla would run into the bedroom every signal night after Tim and I would kiss and say goodnight! You where the best cuddle dog ever!!!! Your sister Layla misses you too. But you and I had a long talk about how you need to come back in spirit and guide Layla . I feel like you have been with her a few times, thanks for making her feel better. Hugs , kisses, cuddles and even your snoring when sleeping are all missed. Love you to the moon and back, til we meet again.... Love you Gracie