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Missed By: The Unzicker Family

A Generous Donation Was Made By

Dr. & Mrs. Taguinod and staff of the Downey Veterinary Hospital

Shannon: 6/16/01- 5/02/14

Shannon was delivered to me on Sunday March 28, 2004 by Marcy her former owner...She had several issues w/which to deal including finding a home for Shannon...I solved one issue....Shannon turned 3 on June 16th....In July she caught pneumonia, fungal, from a foxtail...The following January issues w/her sinuses/bronchial tubes resulted in a prescription for prednisone which was life long...In April 2005 her thyroid became another issue resulting in thyroid meds for the duration....We went camping several times....All the new sights/sounds kept her entertained...She was quite shy around people while being assertive and dominant toward other dogs....Loud noises were always an issue and I dreaded the 4th of July and New Years...In early 2012 I noticed problems beginning w/her hips...A supplement, the name escapes me, worked for over a year....Then by early 2014 the writing was on the wall as her appetite began to wane....So on Friday May 2nd we made our final visit to the Vet....I held her as she drew her last breaths as tears streamed down my face....She was wonderful and loving pet I miss to this day....