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Rebel and Hopalong

Missed By: Ellen (Mom) Charles (Dad) Charles, Jr. (Son) Granddaughter Helene

A Generous Donation Was Made By

Drs. Les Malo, Brent Hess, Mark Malo and Kimberly Cork from the Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospital


Rebel is an AKC Beagle who died on 22 Feb 2012 at 11:55 pm in my arms. He was 11 1/2 years old. Rebel was a sweet gentle soul. He had his ups and down during his life. He couldn't be a show beagle since he grew over 15 inches. So he adopted us when he was a year and half. It was love at first sight. What pleasure he brought us! He loved his bear, camping trips, walks, and his treats. In the end, he had Lymphosarcoma. He died about two months after the vet told us. Loving him that night, he looked up at me with those sad eyes and I told him it was okay the let go. He gave me a lick, took a breath and died in my arms.

Now 2 years later, I have to add Rebel's cousin Hopalong to this Memorial.

Hopalong was on his way to becoming an AKC Show Beagle. He had already become the talk of the shows and won ribbons. But no fault of his own he ended up with allergies and an ear hematoma (which deformed his ear) so that stop his competing. His owners gave him up but we were there to have him adopt us.

Hopalong was our "Mr. Attitude". We know if all had gone as plan he would have been a top notch AKC Beagle contender. Hopalong and Rebel were best buddies in the end. Hopalong also had his ups and downs in life as one can tell. He loved to have the run of the place. He was a smart beagle. He enjoyed his round cushion to relax on. But his favorite place was under Daddy's side of the bed. Rebel showed him that.

One day I felt a lump on Hopalong's neck and off to the Vet's we went. The lab results weren't good at all. It seems Hopalong ended up with Lymphosarcoma just like Rebel. But Hopalong's was in his neck which wasn't good. The Vet gave him maybe two to three weeks. Yea, weeks. Too short of a time to be with Hopalong. Oh, no, it was happening again. I took him back to Garden Grove Dog and Cat Hospital a week before his appointment with Dr. Cork. They took Hoppy back to be checked. Dr. Cork came into the room with Hopalong and said it was time to make the decision. He wouldn't be getting any better. The tumor had enlarged and was pressing on his throat. They were wonderful there. Letting me take my time with Hopalong. I talked with him and he did understand this was the best for him. I kissed him goodnight and good-bye. I told him to play with Rebel and tell him we all miss him as we would him. In the end, Hopalong had a sweet smile on his face. On May 02, 2014 at about 10:30 am Hopalong died. He was just 5 years young when he died.
Goodnight "My Sweet"...

So many memories. So much love we gave each other. You both will truly be missed. We have both your ashes and it seems to help.

REBEL and HOPALONG together again.

Perhaps, one day you'll get my scent and we will be together again.

For The Love of Two Beagles!!