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Jonny Copp Memorial Donation From Richard, Mary and Adam Glassberg June 2009

Jonny Copp Memorial Donation From Richard, Mary and Adam Glassberg June 2009

We watched our neighbor and friend Jonny Copp grow up to be a remarkable man. We are sure Jonny got his adventurous spirit and fine character from his parents Phyllis and John. He became an explorer as a toddler when his parents, in 1974, took him on a trip around the world in a camper truck.

Jonny was an inspiration to everyone he touched … a very special person. As a teenager, we remember him heading out to go surfing or off to Joshua Tree National Park to rock climb with his friends. Jonny honed his skills as a climber and became one of the best, in the world, known for his challenging first ascents of the steepest mountains in Argentina, Pakistan, Chile, India, Alaska and the Yukon.

Jonny was more than just a conqueror of mountains. He was a poet, a musician, an award-winning photographer, a writer and a filmmaker featured in many magazines, books and movies.

In 2005, Jonny founded the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado creating a global platform of exposure for adventure filmmakers with showings not only in Boulder but also across the United States and on three other continents. He also founded Dirt Days Environmental Fair, now called Earthfest.

The highlight for our family at the Copp’s annual Christmas party was seeing Jonny and viewing the pictures from his latest adventure.

We remember Jonny telling Adam that getting to the summit was important but getting there with style was really, what it was all about. Jonny lived his life to the fullest and everything he did; he did with passion. Jonny was compassionate and always had a smile and a hug for everyone.

Sadly, Jonny was killed in an avalanche on Mount Edgar in China and is profoundly missed by his family and many friends.

If you were not fortunate enough to have known Jonny personally visit the Jonny Copp Foundation FaceBook page where you can learn more about the remarkable Jonny Copp. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Jonny-Copp-Foundation/260142992715?ref=mf

Photo: Adam and Jonny at an annual Copp Christmas party.

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