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In Memory of Sharon Torrico Osorio

In Memory of Sharon Torrico Osorio

Sharon was a lover of all kinds of animals since the beginning, affectionately caring for three dogs, five cats, multiple frogs, birds, turtles, fish, lizards, and one little caterpillar in her lifetime. She volunteered at a local animal shelter, and then went on to volunteer and work at an emergency animal hospital, all the while dreaming of opening and managing her own no-kill shelter. She earned a B.A. in Biology, had taken her GRE exam, and was beginning her applications to different veterinary schools. She fostered three two-day old kittens who would have otherwise been euthanized had she not done so. She fed them every two hours, eventually adopting one of them when released to the public. When working night shifts at an emergency animal hospital, she would love and care for the furry, trauma patients.

In honor of her memory, and in celebration of her life and love, we ask you to make a donation to the Animal Health Foundation (AHF), which has aided in saving countless lives of loved pets belonging to families who could not otherwise afford the bills for their medical conditions, and would have had to resort to euthanasia. 

To donate in Sharon's name:  Sharon Torrico Osorio 

Please designate your donation to the ANGEL FUND

Generous Donations were made in Sharon's name by:

Dr. Nada Khalaf - "Your memory will always remain in our hearts"

Cecile and Avi Hanna

Monica Heredia - "I thank my God everytime I remember you"  Philippians 1:3

Emilio Galleguillos, Brandon Levin and Justice Design Group - "May Sharon rest in peace and may her passion for love of animals carry on"

Simone Trimm - "God bless you Sharon!!! You wree such a light in life!  I guess God needed you more than us to take care of his animals in heaven! Fly free my friend"

Doctors and Staff at VCA McClave - "We will always remember you as a dedicated compassionate employee.  You will not be forgotten"

Wilma Torrico - "Sharon you are an angel now, you fought until the last minute with all your heart.Life gave us this unfair war without any chance to fight back with medicine or treatment, we walk together through this horrible disease. We were and we continue to be blessed with many angels on earth that made your wedding the love of your life possible, and assisted us with your brother's and sister's well being while we were gone three times last year. You brought all these angels to our lives. Your charisma brought a community together making everybody forget about their differences and uniting them for one single goal. Saving your life and making you happy. I always say and I always will that I have learned a lot from you, the love and passion for animals that cannot defend nor speak for themselves. You had a special connection with all the animals and I am sure you are taking care of them in heaven. You were an advocate for women's rights and equality, and fought with strong conviction against domestic violence. You always protected your brother and your sister and taught them to be their best with your your example. When you were born I called you my little angel, my little piece of heaven for long time and I was not wrong. Your life was chosen to touch many people and animals with a message of love, patience and hope as angels do. We are thankful for all the angels you brought to our life, God bless every single person that help us and support us for the last year.
When my time comes I know you will be waiting for me with that unconditional love.
I love you mi pollito,mi pedacito de cielo, mi angelito.
I hope you found your caterpillar already (your first pet)



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