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January 10, 2013
Missed By: Jan & Terry Vincent

A Generous Donation Was Made By

Jan & Terry Vincent The Board of Trustees of the Animal Health Foundation thank "Mo" for his service as a therapy dog over the years and for being an ambassador for his breed. You will be missed. Sonni Carr - Thank you, Mo for teaching Jan so much so that she can spread that love and knowledge to our families as well. Forever remembered.

Rest in Peace my sweet Boy: 4.1.98 - 1.10.13

Hi my name is Mo. When I was 1 year old, Mom picked me out and brought me home from the San Clemente Shelter because she said I was the calmest dog there. I think it was because I was the most handsome. I had been in the slam for 6 month and no one had chosen me. Guess they didn't know what they were missing. I've been on many adventures in my life. Within the first month, I went camping and got to chase really big chipmunks. Mom called them mule deer. Anyway I fell into the south fork of this really big river checking out a marmot, but I held on to a tree branch until Dad saved me. Mom decided my chasing days were over and I needed to get an education. So I went to school, it seemed like forever, and learned how to understand what Mom wanted me to do better. She taught me to dance and some pretty fancy agility moves. When my dancing days were over, Mom thought I needed to share my big smile with others and I became a therapy dog. So I helped kids learn how to READ and feel good about themselves. I even got 2 Community Service Awards from the Superintendent of Schools in Norwalk/Lamirada. Sometimes I visited grownups that couldn't walk or pet dogs very well. Mom said I had the gift to make frowning people smile. Well now I can't walk very well and sometimes I just don't feel like getting up even Mom says dinner is ready. So it is my time to rest and say Good-Bye. Mom says I've left the world a better place and have brightened many people's lives - even for a little bit.. Rest in Peace my sweet Boy - 4/1/98 - 1/10/13