Meet Scholarship Winner Een Maulidia Rahman

Praktikum PatologiPraktikum parasitologiPengamatan Anastesi tikus perinjeksiMy name is Een Maulidia Rahman. I was born in Meulaboh on 11 September 1993. I grew up with my family in Meulaboh. My father’s name is Anshari Yatim and my mother’s name is Kasma Ishaq. My father is a retired civil servant school. and my mother is a housewife. My parents seek income from their small business to open a restaurant that simple. I was the fourth child of six children in the family. My brother’s first name Cholid Firdaus has been married and have a family, and worked as a civil servant in the government. The second brother named Roni Oktamaria work as self-employed. The third brother named Muhammad Shollyzar, who are still studying at University Teuku Umar Meulaboh. and the last two twin younger brothers named Fauzul Kabir and Hafizul Fariz they which newly entered schools in meulaboh.

My education story begin in TK- Alquran Meulaboh when i was just 5 years, then in 1998 I was in elementary school at MIN Drien Drampak and I went to junior high school in 2004. I entered the junior high school in SMPN 2 Meulaboh and graduated in 2007, then went to high school level in 2010 at MAN MEULABOH-1 Meulaboh. Now I am a student semester four veterinary medicine syiah kuala universyitas, at the moment I am taking 21 credits with 8 courses. I very much hope to the semester this can get a satisfactory. Hopefully, with earned a Orangutan Caring Scholarship  this i can raise my capability whether it ‘ s in the field of academic and non academic, wish me luck i may be able to complete the lecture quickly and timely with a value good.

After finishing high school, I initially wanted to go to college general medicine, as well as where parents want me to school there, but it turns out God wills others, I’ve tried to follow some college test by selecting a course of medicine, but all fail. I finally tried the last test in the same college courses veterinary selecting the first, and apparently God gave me the opportunity to pass on the faculty. I feel this is all destiny, God will not give me what I want but god give me what I need. Parents also support after I promote and explain how animal medicine. veterinary medicine is not my wish but I believe the future of veterinary medicine is me, with a veterinary student I was enthusiastic hope to maintain, care for, treat and care for animals – animals (patients) in accordance with the traffic I have.


Forest preserve is a task that we all live in the bum, forests are the lungs of earth. Many ways that we can do to preserve the actual forest. The easiest thing I can do is like planting a tree 5-10 trees in a day vacant land. however, it does not mean at all that I just did it, while outside there is stout especially those who cut down trees they had been bribed with money. I need help from people – individuals and society. let’s together – together to preserve our forests. before becoming a vet I also wish to add to the experience in the field of conservation of orangutans and can provide counseling to the layman who think orangutans are a pest for residents. for research later, I also want to keep the existing health management orangutans in captivity or the zoo. set it to be a vet I also want to participate in all areas of orangutan conservation.

I am entitled to because I was able to be elected the person responsible for completing this course by researching about orangutans. I will make every effort to not disappoint scholarship. By joining the conservation of orangutans and their forest conservation glad I could keep this earth from global warming. although many among friends who still do not understand what the function of orangutans must maintain and kept in their natural habitat. I believe I can help the conservation of orangutans and the forest preserve. I feel very happy if I can be part of the family lover and protector of orangutans, which is held in activities YOSL-OIC, ourf and Animal Health Foundation conservation of orangutans and other animals. Thank you for selecting me as a Orangutan Caring Scholarship recipient.

Thus a brief biography about me, I hope this report can introduce yourself even further. and I apologize for my United Kingdom language is not good, because I am still in the learning. Thank you very much.