Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah – Sept, 29th 2013

MY REPORT PART II – By : Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah

Diah2A four-semester final exam had ended at the end of June, and I decided to go home to my beloved hometown. While awaiting the results of tests, I got together with my beloved family. I had a new sister and I have never seen before.

Shortly afterwards, the value of four-semester exam results came out. The value is not so bad, it is just that I am still not satisfied. My friends another started his holiday by taking a short-semester, while I started with an apprentice at Siantar Zoo. I want to know the world veterinary in closer.

Diah1At the Siantar Zoo, many interact with the animals are on the lecture do not I see. Moreover, kinds of animals at Siantar Zoo increased since the entry of Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya). Among them are orangutan of Borneo , cassowary wattle double, banteng, an assortment of monkeys, camels, nilgai nad hippopotamus. Between the Sumatran orangutan (has long existed at the Siantar Zoo named Copral) and Bornean orangutan (serived from Surabaya Zoo named Dino and Jojo) I saw almost no difference between them, it is just on Borneo more concentrated hair color a little bit. I am not so friendly with them because they are so aggressive. But, I so clearly note that they readily stress once. I recently know is apparently orangutans not to be given the drug the animals, they use the same drug with humans. And as much  as possible to avoid giving the drug by injection. One more thing that I found on orangutan is theis labor so strong.

Diah6Things can not possibly I forget during my apprentice at Siantar Zoo was when I strucked by bears honey, monkeys and cassowary. When visit Dino and Jojo, involuntarily me props in the wall of the enclosure bears honey, with so fast he pulled my hand. Grateful just a my hand clothes torn, not my hand. Katon is smart monkey who always trying to get out of his stall. When I want to feed him, he tried to want out. Quickly I close the door cage and instantly he hit the door towards me and hurt my hand. While with cassowary, I had the kick so strong and wounding left thigh I due to it is hoof are so sharp. I think that are my challenge in the future as a veterinarian.

Diah5The things that I went through during my internship at Siantar Zoo is a very valuable experience. And I am so pleased to be able to interact with so many kinds of animal created by God. Hpefully there’s more chance the other day so I can better understand about orangutan in direct practice, not just theory about them.




Meet Scholarship Winner Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah

That is my picture with Shepi in period third semester for Penghayatan Profesi Veteriner (PPVET) courseThat is my picture when I am in period second semester for Physiology of Veterinary practical. That practical work is carried out to identify the urine of pregnant wome

That is my picture with a gibbon = siamang. That picture was taken when I am in period second semester.My name is Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah, calling Diah or Hesti. Tan is a surname derived from my father. My father Chinese and my mother Java. I was born in a small town in North Sumatra Province of Pematangsiantar on 20 August 1993 and I grew up with my parents, my younger sisters and my younger brother in there. My father’s name is Buyung and my mother’s name is and Endang Susantri. First, my father was a small farmer who farms  and sells local chicken and carp. But the effort is already suffered a setback. My mother was a kindergarten teacher since 2004. I was the first child of four brothers.  Fitri Aulia Tanisyah is my younger sister the first who was 17 years old and attended SMA Negeri 2 Pematangsiantar (senior high school). My younger brother’s name is Jodi Tantowi Jahya aged 13 years old, was educated at SMP Swasta Teladan Pematangsiantar (junior high school). I am very close to him and we have the same Zodiac is Leo. And the last is Kailyn Saskia Tanisyah, she has just been born on 25 February 2013 as my younger sister.

My educational history begins Kindergarten when I was 4 years old at TK Al-Wasliyah Pematangsiantar, then in 1999 I was in elementary school at SD Negeri  122401 Pematangsiantar. And I went to elementary school in 2005. I entered the junior high school at SMP Negeri 1 pematangsiantar and graduanted in 2008. Then I entered the senior high school at SMA Negeri 2 Pematangsiantar and graduanted in 2011. Currently I am living the education period fourth semester Undergraduate level at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kauala University-Banda Aceh.

The reason I want to be a veterinarian is due from years ago, I have often make friends with some animals for example are animal-pet. Although only a chicken, a dog,  a cat, birds, fish etc. Moreover, my home is not far from the zoo known as Taman Hewan Siantar. I feel very pleased when I play with them. And I think that is my hobby. When I entered in medicine animal, my grandmother, my uncle and my aunt disagreed with me. I was told to leave my education and go majored in medicine or dentistry. Finally my father became hesitate to let me carry on my education. But I did not directly despond. I always trying to make my parents proud if I would continue to go to college in veterinary medicine. I tried several scholarship and program creativity students to me show them. Although the result is still yet to be shown for them. As a result, I become increasingly confident to remain be a veterinarian. So, the future I can show them that not just doctors and dentists can be successful person, but veterinaries too. Even more than success. I hope in the future I can become a famous veterinarian with new discoveries, to safeguard and protect the various types of animals. Besides I want to make my parents and my family proud with me as a veterinary professional.

After being a veterinarian, I would be a friend from orangutan. It means as friends, I must get participated in save him. I would make approach, counseling and socialization to nationwide, especially children and the student. The object is to create are concerned about the status of orangutan. Children and the student is later will become government. When their became it will, their expected use his authority to embrace nationwide in protecting orangutans.

The reason I joined this Orangutan Caring Scholarship (OCS) is because I want to save orangutans by following efforts of orangutan conservation. Orangutan Caring Scholarship (OCS) is the way for me to reach my ideals be a veterinarian. With the existence of this scholarship, I can lighten the load in finance in college my father. And hopefully by the presence of this scholarship, can make me more spirit in my conducting activities academic to get satisfactory results. I am so grateful were given the opportunity to get this Orangutan Caring Scholarship (OCS). I will make this Orangutan Caring Scholarship (OCS) as my motivation.

I hope that this report can give you a little information to smooth my scholarship and more. Thank you.  #VivaVeteriner #WeCanSaveOrangutansTogether