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AHF Board Member awarded Shomer Ethics Award

AHF Board Member, Dr. Alice Villalobos, was awarded the prestigious Shomer Ethics Award at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics in Orlando, FL.

Dr. Villalobos was presented the award by Dr. Paul Pion, Co‐Founder of VIN.

Dr. Villalobos was given the award “for her years of service and leadership for the SVME, and for her role as the “Mother” of veterinary hospice and quality of life assessment at end of life, with emphasis on bioethical decision making for euthanasia, while honoring the human-animal bond.  She introduced Pawspice, an end of life care philosophy that embraces kinder, gentler palliative cancer care and palliative medicine for terminal pets, while supporting the emotional needs of carers.”

To learn more about this award and it’s criteria, please go to www.

Hospice Care For Dogs


Animal Health Foundation Board Member, Dr. Alice Villalobos, is quoted in this article!

Hospice Care For Dogs: Is It The Right Choice For You & Your Pooch?

Hospice care for dogs is a relatively new concept. Sadly, the word hospice often carries a negative stigma. It reminds us of lonely, sterile rooms and the fear of impending death. In reality, hospice care can be a wonderful gift for terminally ill people and pets. Rather than focusing on invasive medical procedures, hospice provides physical and emotional comfort to end-of-life patients and their families.

hospice care for dogs

What is hospice care for dogs?

Hospice care is based on the philosophy that people and pets deserve to die with dignity. When a dog is suffering from a serious illness and a cure is not possible, hospice care provides a temporary alternative to euthanasia. The goal is to make their remaining days comfortable with pain medications, dietary strategies and human interaction.

Dr. Alice Villalobos is a world-renowned veterinary oncologist. She coined the term “pawspice,” which she describes as supportive care in evaluating and managing quality of life in the time leading up to a pet’s death.

“In-home ‘pawspice’ care is a wonderful next step,” Dr. Villalobos says. “It should be introduced as an interval between the thought and the final act of euthanasia, if the owner really feels that their pet still has a quality of life.”

Hospice care for dogs also allows families to come to terms with the impending loss of a beloved friend. In keeping a terminal pet comfortable, the human family members have time to come to terms with the situation. Hospice allows them to plan special moments with their dog, take family photos, and seek emotional and spiritual support.

New AHF Board Member – Jennifer Dentino

The AHF welcomes new AHF Board of Trustees member, Jennifer Dentino.  Jennifer has worked in the insurance industry for 20 years and enjoys training dogs and spending time with her animals. She and her husband and their dogs live in Orange County, CA.