Congratulations Scholarship Winner Octora Enda Sari Ginting

This picture was taken when i inoculate mice in lab work of pharmacology veterinerThis picture was taken when i became one of the tradisional dancer in the event of a unit activities students at my facultyThis the other picture was taken at pet shop stand in pet contest on my facultyMy name is Octora Enda Sari Ginting. I was born in Medan on 22 october 1992. I grew up with my family in Medan. My father’s name is Karnan Ginting and my mother’s name is Rehmuli Sitepu. My father works as a public accounting and my mother is a housewife. I am the second child in my family. My first sister’s name is Maretha Natasia Ginting 21 years old and already work. My youngest brother’s name is Michael Dianta Ginting 17 years old and he is the 3rd grade student in ST.THOMAS 2 high school. Now, my family live on Gaperta Street 129 Medan, North Sumatera.

My education story begin in El-PATHISIA Kindegarten when i was just 5 years, then in 1998 I was in elementary school at SD ST.THOMAS 2 Medan and I went to junior high school in 2004. I entered the junior high school in SMPN 18 Medan and graduated in 2007, then went to high school level in 2010 at SMA ST.THOMAS 1 Medan. After that I ever attended the Medan State Polytechnic at Department of energy conversion Techniques, however I don’t have any interested and  talent there so I  tried to take the test again and chose the Faculty of Veterinary  Unsyiah. Now I was in the 4th semester at Faculty of Veterinary Syiah Kuala University. I took 8 lesson this semester i.e., Veterinary Anatomy III, Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary General Pharmacology, Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Microbiology II, The Physiology of Reproduction, Veterinary Clinic Diagnosa and Veterinary Public Health. In addition I also follow the Executive students in my college and student activity units about ornithology, Himpus. Although the schedule on this semester is so demanding but I still try to keep up with the schedule. Starting on 1 March to 5 March 2013 i will follow the Midterm, wish me luck.

While I still in high school, i thought to be a dentist or veterinarian, because I love animals so much I have a great desire to be a veterinarian. But among my friends and my family have an opinion that veterinarian is not the right choice so finally I undid my intentions and chose the Engineering. After 1 year became engineering student, I grew to realize that I did not have the desire and the talent here, even I always imagined I would become a doctor. Therefore I decided out of engineering and try to take the test to enter the Faculty of Veterinary. Now here I am, being one of the potential future veterinarians.

Before be a veterinarian later I will help the conservation of orangutans through research that I will do in the future. I also persuade people those closest to me to love forests and orangutans. And I will follow developing which concern about forests and orangutan which is  are in Sumatera, so I can participate to maintain the sustainability of forests and orangutan. After becoming a vet someday I wish I can join in orangutans conservation so that I can work directly in maintaining and preserving the orangutan.

I should be choosen as the recipient of this scholarship because I have a great desire to join in tonservation of orangutans. From the first time i really like orangutans and other animals. So did my parents, especially my mother who always invites me to see orangutan at Bukit Lawang conservation area, because my mother know that i love  orangutans and very supportive me to follow this scholarship. I will try to help preserve forests and orangutan through think and efforts that I can do. Also I will be very happy if I can take part in activities held YOSL-OIC, OURF and Animal Health Foundation in preservation of orangutans and other animals.

Thus a brief biography about me, I hope this report can introduce myself even further. Thank you very much.