MY REPORT PART II – By : Diah Hestiasy Tanisyah

Diah2A four-semester final exam had ended at the end of June, and I decided to go home to my beloved hometown. While awaiting the results of tests, I got together with my beloved family. I had a new sister and I have never seen before.

Shortly afterwards, the value of four-semester exam results came out. The value is not so bad, it is just that I am still not satisfied. My friends another started his holiday by taking a short-semester, while I started with an apprentice at Siantar Zoo. I want to know the world veterinary in closer.

Diah1At the Siantar Zoo, many interact with the animals are on the lecture do not I see. Moreover, kinds of animals at Siantar Zoo increased since the entry of Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya). Among them are orangutan of Borneo , cassowary wattle double, banteng, an assortment of monkeys, camels, nilgai nad hippopotamus. Between the Sumatran orangutan (has long existed at the Siantar Zoo named Copral) and Bornean orangutan (serived from Surabaya Zoo named Dino and Jojo) I saw almost no difference between them, it is just on Borneo more concentrated hair color a little bit. I am not so friendly with them because they are so aggressive. But, I so clearly note that they readily stress once. I recently know is apparently orangutans not to be given the drug the animals, they use the same drug with humans. And as much  as possible to avoid giving the drug by injection. One more thing that I found on orangutan is theis labor so strong.

Diah6Things can not possibly I forget during my apprentice at Siantar Zoo was when I strucked by bears honey, monkeys and cassowary. When visit Dino and Jojo, involuntarily me props in the wall of the enclosure bears honey, with so fast he pulled my hand. Grateful just a my hand clothes torn, not my hand. Katon is smart monkey who always trying to get out of his stall. When I want to feed him, he tried to want out. Quickly I close the door cage and instantly he hit the door towards me and hurt my hand. While with cassowary, I had the kick so strong and wounding left thigh I due to it is hoof are so sharp. I think that are my challenge in the future as a veterinarian.

Diah5The things that I went through during my internship at Siantar Zoo is a very valuable experience. And I am so pleased to be able to interact with so many kinds of animal created by God. Hpefully there’s more chance the other day so I can better understand about orangutan in direct practice, not just theory about them.




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