EenMaulidia1Hello, I’m Een Maulidia Rahman grantee OIC 2013 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, see you again with my second academic reports. To report this time around maybe I will tell you about my experience while undergoing a day of activity day beloved in campus. I think semester 5 is semester very unusual where i started to feel how actually become a vet, but the more stepped to semester next felt heavy and there were times when feel saturated and bored. It was not just me who felt but the dominant of teman- friend also feel the same. Need struggle and strong determination to move on.

EEnMaulidia4So far i have reached 88 sks, in append with 22 sks semester to 5. To college course this semester. I took a course called Science Surgical Veteriner, Pharmacology Veteriner II, Disease Parasitik, Technology Reproduction, Pathology Clinic Veteriner, Immunologist Veteriner, Epidemiology and Economic Veteriner, Appreciation Profession Veteriner and Entrepreneurship and Basic Biotechnology. Final exam to be implemented December 21 2013 – January 8 2014. Of all college course right can ‘ t guess the result. All college course his utmost  very extreme moreover lecturer taught me. During semester 5 teach us in many ways namely:  a) how to sew on when the dissection; b) pattern what to chosen on cases, cases certain operations; c) what kind of thread;  d) how to handling in cases of fracture; e) how measure  blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol; f) how IB; g)  sinkronisai estrus; h) super ovulation; i) and Embrio transfer, Invitro Fertilisation and many more others.

eenMaulidia6The organizational problems during the first semester this i less active participate because of a division of time between the meeting, and college,  actually it is the risk, have to be in the but is the problem for college course, no particular can be left a single session behind will be difficult to understand for a session studies next. Sampe how complex this semester. But this semester i am glad to can it and something new, i escaped selection to join in an organization public socialization the level of university, where there are many programs there go green, namely: the socialization of natural disasters, devotion society,  guided village, blood donation, and lain- other. The dominant of FKH, thank god its members our hope in the program of this organization in addition to introduce fkh to society that still very naive about fkh, well as also introduced about conservation wildlife to villagers or society and friend, friend of the faculty of another  to conservation fauna.

A holiday the end of this time i ‘ ve been a lot of consultation with the lecturer guardian about research, good vacation is getting pencerahannya. To melanjut right semenster 6 and then also i challenged with in a course called the science of diseases in small animals, infectious disease, the science of surgical veteriner specifically, the science of obstetrics and kemajiran, ethics veteriner and animal welfare, and toxicology veteriner. According to a report academic i beg you for much of the deficiency and a mistake in writing english since i was in the stage of learning.












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