My name is Khristie Reed ,I purchased a Real Ham Bone made by Dynamic Pet Products, from Wal-Mart on Sunday 3/1/15. I gave it to Fred, our basset hound, he chewed on it and ingested some. By Monday morning 3/2/15, he was vomiting and having severe diarrhea. By the afternoon, he was bleeding out of his rectum and we rushed him to the vet. He was put in intensive care and we were told he was so sick, the vet recommended we put him to sleep. I am never going to forgive myself for buying him that deadly treat. Please share this so others don’t make the same mistake I did. DYNAMIC PET PRODUCTS (in Missouri) know they’ve killed dozens of dogs and they still sell them at big retail companies like Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Khristie, So sorry to hear that. That you for making this public so it doesn’t affect any other animal. Very sad.

    • Shar says:

      Kristi, along with Lauri’s response => words alone cannot express the sadness and sorrow I feel for your loss. I know what it’s like to lose a loving pet due to food, treats, and vets. i have been a continual pet owner for over 50 years and have lost 6 due to lack of proper preparation, storage, and lack of proper testing and control over the safety of the products that they market. We see an iorrtem that our pet would enjoy and we take their word that it’s a hea tlthy food or treat when in fact all the manufacturer sees is the bottom line = how much can we make $$ ! I feel that at the cost of pet supplies, they should be regulated as food for humans is. Dynamic Pet Products should be highly regulated and be forced to compensate pet owners for their loss and fined for putting “poisoned products” on the shelves and trick people into purchasing a supposed ‘good product’ when in fact it’s not been tested and is killing innocent & beloved pets, costing owners hundreds or thousands of dollars in expenses to save their beloved pet. ALL questionable food & treats should be removed from the shelves & distributors should be highly fined and pay for the loss they caused, it’s the same as malpractice! Get rid of them, they are killers! Again Kristie, i’m so sorry & my prayers are for your lost best friend.

  2. abe says:

    Khristie, I am so sorry for your loss and believe I know. A different brand chicken jerky strips which is sold in “health food stores” but I had the same thing happen 3 yrs ago. This so called healthier brand was processed in china and it was a cover up for months after myself and others suffered losses. I am on this site because I am very careful now with my cat and am looking for anything about the wellness brand food which has changed and he is no longer responding favorably towards it. I recall hearing something in January but it was not till we got home whereby I am not certain these rural small towns payed attention and may have old questionable stock.
    Anyways it is a horrible way to loose a beloved cherished member of your family. De regulated and non localized leaves a cesspool of tainted possibilities for our food supplies both 2 legged and four. We will eventually forgive ourselves and I find being more careful and vigilant as well as raising hell with activism helps. best -2 ya healing –abe

  3. Nestor says:

    I buy a Blue Buffalo dog food and my beautiful chispita die after two days eating this dog food she was vomiting and having severe diarrhea. By the afternoon, he was bleeding out of his rectum and we rushed him to the vet. And she die. I just find out the Blue Buffalo was on recall ,she was my baby I love her like a daughter and she is gone and my hart is so broken

    • We are so sorry for your loss. We do have a section on our website about pet loss and bereavement that may help.
      It is so sad. If you want anyone else to know about this, report it to the and “The Truth about Pet Food” and “Dog Food Advisor”

  4. velinda wiedrick says:

    how can a food be tested. I lost 2 dogs 7 days apart. I switched dog food 2 weeks ago

  5. Donna says:

    Khristie, I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Please don’t blame yourself, how could you have known? Thank you for alerting the rest of us. Donna

  6. Rick says:

    Are you suing Dynamic Pet Products or Walmart?

  7. Lisa Daniel says:

    When will people learn that “Made in China” kills dog! The fact that you are buying any ingestible dog products from Walmart says it all! Dogs like their ancestors the Wolf are Carnivores! Commercial dog foods ( as in Walmart, grocery store etc. ) foods are BAD!!! I use Taste of The Wild, it is a dry food as close as to what a Wolf would eat. Raw diet is the best! If you prepare it yourself, there is a process in which to prepare, Google it! The “Made in China” dog deaths have been in the news for quite a while!

  8. Michele Fuller says:

    I had a similair issue when I bought a “DOGSWELL” snack of chicken jerkys last year, ..My dog got diarrhea and very ill. Found out his kidneys were at a bad level from eating the dog treats. He went on dialysis and I did some natural things that helped him through the months. He was so healthy before this, and I nearly lost my dog. He has been so sensitive to all food now, and needs much attention. I see now he is loosing his good coat too. This whole process has left him with many internal challenges. I hope he can live a long time, and I pray every day.
    Don’t buy Dogswell!!

    • Maggie says:

      Michele, I’m so sorry to hear of your experience! It’s heartbreaking to watch a beloved pet, formerly healthy, happy, and active, begin a steady decline after ingesting toxic food. (It’s sad to see your pet decline for any reason, but especially food, something you feed him to nourish him and keep him well!) God only knows when the government will begin regulating pet foods to keep these companies honest, but let’s admit, they hardly do their job for the rest of us! You can only be careful to read the label and especially avoid anything made or sourced in China. I have called some companies and asked exactly where all their ingredients are from. They must be used to getting this question because the last one (Natural Balance canned dog food) had the information at their fingertips. I hope your dear pet has recovered and send my prayers!

  9. Karl says:

    People, people, people…when are we going to realize, dogs are nothing but domesticated wolves, which live in the wild. If you start giving un-natural products to an animal that was meant to consume natural products, you’re asking for problems. When I was growing up you would never see a dog with the big cancerous lumps hanging off of it and you would never hear of all these maladies that affect them today. But then again, they didn’t have all these synthesized “treats” and toys they make now-a-days. I have never gave any of my dogs any of that and (knock on wood) all the dogs I have ever had lived long productive illness free lives.

    • Maggie says:

      Hey Karl, just wondering, what do you feed your dogs? I agree the dry dog food and many “treats” aren’t very good as a steady diet. Mine is 12.5 y/o at this time and just 12 pounds small. She’s a healthy, very active terrier/Italian greayhound mix. I cooked for her once, but she seems to prefer the Natural Balance canned Venison/Sweet Potato formula. I live in a small city apartment, so making and storing large quantities of fresh food isn’t an option. I also open a tin of sardines once in a while (which she loves) and share my food sometimes if she likes it. Any suggestions would be welcome!

  10. De'Ja says:

    that’s so sad to hear, and it really hits home for me. My dog ate some gravy train one day and by the next morning were having the same symptoms. Bleeding from rectum and extreme vomiting and diarrhea. I have no money to take my dog to a vet but i did anyway to see what they say. They wanted $230 just to look at her and run some test, i have no clue what could be wrong with her, but i hope and pray i don’t have to lose my dog by putting her odwn. 🙁

  11. Joanne says:

    DeJa & everyone else on this site who has lost a pet to BAD dog food or treats, I’m so sorry you lost your beloved pet or are facing the possibility of loosing your beloved pet. I’m almost 80 & have had the blessed fortune to have had many dogs enter & leave at respectable ages from my life. Personally I’ve prefered Purina Dog Chow; every dog did very well on it. I’ve tried others like Blue Buffalo (recommended by my Vet) & my Rotty had digestive problems with it even passing a daily what I’d call a poo poo ball in the house. I think we all love our dogs (or cats) I guess, try to look for Made In the USA Good luck to us all..!!

  12. Karen says:

    Khristie, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, I couldnt imagine what you went thru,I have 2 dogs myself and cant imagine that happening, I however just changed cat foods myself, and was going to change my dogs to a new food too, but guess i wont be doing that now that I hear all these stories, They are doing just fine on what they are on, as for my cats, guess Ill be going back to there old food that I started them out with, Again, I am so sorry for your loss, May your heart heal fast,

  13. keith says:

    Khristie, I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting this information. I hope that with the passage of some time, you and your family have begun to heal from this horrible and sad loss. Of one thing I am quite certain, Fred certainly knew he was loved.

  14. Rodney Canutt says:

    Khristie, I have read your story many times as I am sure you have read Teddy’s story. It was the worst 39 hours of my life as I tried to comfort my best friend while he died. I as you probably know I have become a member of your class action suit.
    3 weeks ago, I felt a huge load was taken off my back when I read Walmart has taken this product off their shelves.
    Last summer I was in the hospital for 25 days with coma, triple bypass surgery and my wife giving me CPR as
    the fire department was coming to our house. I am pretty sure the above was caused by Teddy’s death.
    Keep up the good work and if you need anything, please let our attorney’s know so we can at least talk to each other on the phone. Thank you so much for your continued fight.

  15. Khristie, I would really like to talk to you. Teddy died over a year ago and I am s

  16. Kelly DeJager says:

    I lost my yorkie Mick to that same bone. Is there a class action lawsuit?

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