Kiersten Ballard, 15, attributes her lowered blood pressure to Blue’s “unconditional love” at San Juan Capistrano’s Saddleback Valley Christian on Weds., Oct. 11. His looks lowered too. (Photo by Cindy Yamanaka, Orange County Register/SCNG)







The Animal Health Foundation Caring Creatures Pet Partners Therapy Animal Teams make many visits in the community. Here are several of our teams in San Juan Capistrano helping students relax after taking PSATs! Read on for a GREAT story from the Orange County Register!


Two dogs and a ring-necked dove help Orange County high schoolers de-stress after test

One response to “SJC High Schoolers DeStress after PSATs”

  1. Gary and Daisy says:

    She’s 14 and is “stressed” from a Prelim SAT? Is this because the student is 14 or because it’s a SHE? SHE needs something to “relax” her? Maybe good parentage would work, no? How is SHE going to “relax” when SHE is put out into society and actually has a JOB? She won’t. Which is why NYC, for one, no longer hires females today. Women, yes, just not millennials. “They’re dangerous, cause problems, don’t ever seem to fit in.”
    Yet these females are the future of this country? Give us a break!
    In high school we took SATs. Stress? Where? Then many of us took the 8-hr testing for appointment to one of the Academies (West Point, etc). Stress? Where? We thought it was fun. A challenge. Just don’t ever “challenge” a female or you will be charged with anti-feminism, possibly something about “sexual abuse” and whatever garbage their scatter-brains can handle. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. More like a virus.
    As employers we will have NO time to baby-sit this junk. Basically, DO NOT hire them because if you do and then have to let them go, YOU WILL BE IN MORE TROUBLE THAT YOU EVER THOUGHT COULD HAPPEN. LOSING YOUR JOB would be No. 1. And if that female is also an African, yer screwed! STAY AWAY and you will have no problems on the job.
    Is it any wonder today that fathers of new born daughters hate them right off the bat. “All her problems, she won’t learn anything, will always be a 13-yr old scatter-brain, will drain us of our money, then do the same to some poor guy later. She’ll be worthless. Too bad we can’t kill them.”

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