When Kyle Costa took his dog to Mar Vista Animal Hospital last May, he was told something he had heard before: Puff, a mixed-breed female who is not yet a year old, was diagnosed with intussusception, a dangerous inflammation of the intestines that is more common in younger animals.

Puff had had surgery for the condition earlier this year.  Kyle and his wife Pamela had put together enough money to pay for the first surgery but that was going to be difficult this time. 

Dr. Wendy Brooks suggested to Kyle that he could apply for an Angel Fund grant to help pay the costs.  The hospital assisted him with the application and he received $500 in assistance, an amount matched by the hospital.

That was a huge help, Kyle said.  “Angel Fund definitely got us where we needed to be,” he said.  “I didn’t want to let my dog go and, when I had no other options, Angel Fund really helped me out.  I’m very glad my dog didn’t have to die.”

He added that the staff at the Mar Vista clinic took great care “to make sure we were included in this [Angel Fund] program.”

He and Pamela rescued Puff last April when she was about two months old.  Intussusception can cause blockages and can have other severe complications.  It was a relief for both of them when Dr. Brooks’ surgery was successfully completed.   

Puff is doing very well now, Kyle said.  “She’s really healthy and is full of energy.”

Kyle, Pamela and Puff live in Rancho Park not far from Mar Vista Animal Hospital.

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